Prossimamente su Internet il sito di Bologna un riferimento per le attività commerciali e la ricerca di informazioni riguardanti Bologna e provincia.

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Visitors to Italy will find the city of Bologna to be a pleasant place to pass their vacation time in. You will find this city is the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region which lies in the Po Valley. The city which is situated in Northern Italy can be found lying between the Reno River and that of the Savena River. Exploring the city of Bologna will reveal to you are city which has a rich culture, history and all of the amenities which makes visiting this city a pleasure to the senses.

Bologna in Italy is an amazing city; everywhere you look is like taking a look into history. There is simply just so much to do in Bologna, it makes it hard to know where to start. This city is a historic landmark for many different things. If you enjoy seeing the buildings that have had a huge impact on our history, then Bologna may be the perfect place for you!

It is home to some very important historic buildings. But if you think that's all that's there, then you're sadly mistaken, because it is also the home to many other activities. This city is known for many things, but today we're talking about the overall best activities to do while you're visiting Bologna.

Historic Views and Buildings
If you're a history buff and think a perfect day involves viewing important historic buildings then you may want to be careful while visiting Bologna. You may never want to leave again! This impeccable city was even known as one of the best preserved historic cities but in the nineteenth century there was a gigantean reconstruction in which many buildings were renovated even though there was major bombing damage in 1944.
Bologna is also the home to the second largest center for historic events. The first resides in Venice, so you could say that Italy is one of the most historically proud places in the entire world! The historic center in Bologna contains a wealth of historic belongings. Some of their exhibits feature items and possessions dating back throughout the medieval ages so you're sure to get all your historic facts for the day if you ever visit this stunning historic center.
The oldest university in the entire world is in Bologna! The University of Bologna was originally founded in 1088 which of course makes it the oldest university ever. Some of the most impressive scholars, philosophers, inventors, artist, and other renaissance men throughout history passed through its doors. It's so impressive it's almost breath taking to be in the presence of this place. One would have to experience it first hand to really understand what I'm talking about.

Bologna, like its name implies is also a center for food. Its food is beautiful and full of taste. All of the local favorites include impressive amounts of meats and cheese. Bologna also has its specialty pasta which is called Tortellini. Now this is a wildly popular dish across the world and for good reason! But the tortellinis in Bologna are packed to maximum capacity. One time I was afraid that the pasta was going to explode if I bit down on it! Well it did, but it was more of an explosion of flavor and one that my mouth has yet to experience since!

Although Bologna has many nicknames, one of them even pertains to its involvement with a certain sport. This wonderful city is also known as the basket city because of its infatuation with the sport, can you guess which one? Basketball! Now this is somewhat intriguing because of the cities' love of football.
As in many parts of Europe though most of the areas in Europe that like football don't usually share Bologna's passion for basketball. But this city is unique, because they love both sports! So no matter if you like soccer or basketball you can rest assured that there are locals with the same passion for your favorite sports! The main football club is named Bologna F.C. which originated in 1909.

If you thought we were going to forget you car lovers out there, then I'm happy to tell you we have you covered as well. If you like to look at some amazing cars and or bikes on your vacations then Bologna will also offer you something to please you. Just be careful that you don't walk out with a new toy! I say this because some of the fastest and highest decorated high end vehicle companies are located in this impressive city. Like Ducati - This produces the fastest bikes in the entire world, Lamborghini is also located here, and if that isn't your taste then I'm sure you'll be more than impressed with the Maserati.